We've sold and used digital tally counters and clickers for more than 10 years. Over that time we've had a chance to work with, test and review hundreds of different varieties from just about every manufacturer. For simple counting tasks (like counting attendance, prayers, croche patterns, etc.), we recommend these five counters. Our recommended counters all meet the following criteria:

  • Quality: Will the counter last at least a year of continuous use? Will the battery last at least a year before it needs to be replaced? 
  • Good Button Feedback: It's important that you can "feel" the click of the button when adding or subtracting on a counter.
  • Affordability: Is the counter "affordable" compared to similar products?

Best All Around

AST2 & AT1 Electronic Counter

Summary: Lightweight, affordable and easy to operate, this is our best selling counter. It comes with an option for adding & subtracting, which makes it ideal for counting people coming in and out.


  • add & subtract (optional)
  • large buttons
  • backlight for counting in dark
  • wrist lanyard
  • Automatic shut off after 2 hours of no use
Sound: Turn on or off
Weight: 0.13 lbs
Price: $13.99- Product Page

Best Small Counter

E6 Electronic Finger Counter

Summary: The most recent electronic counter to hit the market, it’s small enough to be worn like a ring with the strap provided and activated by the thumb. Ideal for those requiring a smaller and less obvious counter.


  • LCD backlight for operation in the dark
  • Custom colors
  • Wear on the index finger and use thumb to operate
  • Counts up to 99,999
  • Turns off automatically after 15 minutes and remembers previous ocunt when powered on
  • Does not have subtract function
Sound: no sound
Weight: 0.08 lbs
Price: $7.99 - Product Page

Best for Multiple Counts

DK-100 Electronic Tally Counter

Summary: Our favorite counter for tasks that require keeping track of multiple counts. The DK-100 Series Tally Counter is a simple and unique electronic tally counter with a modular design that allows multiple units to be interlinked together. Often used for laboratory work.


  • up to 10 units can be connected
  • 1 master unit conrols reset for all attached counters
  • very durable and dependable
  • Counts up to 9,999
Sound: no
Weight: 0.09 lbs
Price: $38.99- Product Page

Best with Timestamp


Summary: A durable electronic counting device with five (5) independent counters. This device can record the individual count values and the total count with a corresponding timestamp. 


  • Saves up to 250 counts in memory
  • Input count values into spreadsheets on computer via USB cable
  • Large soft rubber buttons that give great feedback when pressed.
  • Add or subtract
  • Counts to 999,999
Sound: no
Weight: 0.50 lbs
Price: $125.00 - Product Page

Classic "Clicker" Feel

E4 Electronic Hand Counter

Summary: A durable electronic counter with the classic “clicker” design. A great choice for anyone who needs a digital counter but prefers the classic “clicker” design and feel.


  • Thumb ring
  • Custom colors
  • Fast reset-to-zerio button
  • Counts up to 99,999
  • Counter turns off after 30 minutes of no use
  • Made of high impact plastic for durability
Sound: Count button has the feel of a traditional mechanical "clicker," but it does not produce a click sound.
Weight: 0.06 lbs
Price: $6.95 - Product Page


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