DK-100D & DK-100M Electronic Tally Counters

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High quality, durable and affordable. The DK-100 has a unique modular design in which multiple units can be physically interlinked together to become a combined unit tally counter. May be used individually or connected into a bank of electronic counters.

  • 4-digit display
  • Easy to read
  • Up to 10 units may be physically connected together
  • The DK-100M has a common reset button that can reset the count values of all attached counters
  • The DK-100D can be used separately as an individual counter or together with the DK-100M.
  • Top-quality Japanese electronics
  • Large number display

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How it Works

The DK-100D and DK-100M both have large 4-digit LCD displays. The DK-100D is a stand alone desktop unit or can be combined with the DK-100M. Multiple units of DK-100D can be connected together with a single unit of DK-100M through the specially designed connectors. In this configuration, the DK-100M can simultaneously reset all linked units to it with a single push of the reset button; and at the same time each DK-100D unit can be reset individually as well. A maximum of 10 units of the DK-100D can be linked to a single DK-100M unit. It's easy to operate with only 2 buttons. The large count button can be operated even without looking at the unit, and the small reset button avoids accidental resetting. All units are powered by a replaceable battery. (Optionally, purchase an AC Power Adapter to power unit).

Please note, this unit is sold individually.

For more information about the DK-100 series and the user manual: download DK-100 Manual.

Technical Specifications

Model DK-100H DK-100D DK-100M
Display 4Digits, 7 Segment LCD 10mm(H)
Count Range 0 - 9999
Power Source /
Litium-ion Battery 
Battery Life :
approx. 2.5years *1
Litium-ion Battery 
Battery Life :
approx. 1years*1
Litium-ion Battery 
Battery Life :
approx. 1years *1
or 3V DC Adapter
(sold separately)
Operating Temp. /
5 - 40°C / 85%RH (Non-condensing)
Storage Temp. -10 - +60°C
Approvals CE, RoHS
(Battery Included)
approx. 30g *2 approx. 25g

*1 Take note that the unit is shipped with a battery installed and battery 
life may be shorter than the indicated specification. However, if a new battery 
is installed, battery life will be according to use condition.
*2 Strap and Battery included.

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