Hand held clicker counters are all the same, right? While they may all look about the same, the truth is these handy little tools are built by host of Chinese, Japanese and Korean manufacturers with different materials and to different quality standards. That makes it very easy to end up with a clicker that you'll be replacing almost as soon as it arrives.

So what's the best brand? What should you expect to pay for a good quality clicker? 

Your options range from the top of the line clicker counter, the H-102 Professional Model Japanese Clicker Counter (a stainless steel model that can be operated under water, will never rust, and will basically never break), to the ultra-cheap GOGO clicker sold on Amazon, which is very unlikely to last past a couple hundred "clicks."

We've sold and tested thousands of tally counters in just about every size, shape and style over the last 15 years. Here are our current "economy" favorites (high quality at lowest possible price) based on our own experience using them, and the feedback of our customers:


TC Economy Hand Tally Counter

Summary: This counter is the most popular and durable of the economy hand tally counters in the market today. Excellent for keeping track of inventory, attendance, traffic, blood cells, or food portions.

  • Chrome steel case with metal internal parts.
  • Comes with an index finger ring for ease of use.
  • Rugged 4-figure hand-operated reset counter with push button actuator for easy operation.

Price: $6.75 each (as low as $3.24 in bulk) - Product Page


ABS Hand Counter

Summary: A counter you can have confidence in. High quality, durable and affordable. Ideal counters for industrial businesses, scientific research, transportation, concert venues, tourism, churches, sports events, and more.

  • A favorite counter for educators who keep track of behaviors.
  • The impact-resistant plastic case comes in 4 colors.
  • Very good quality and durability. Lightweight for counting laps.

Price: $4.49 each (as low as $2.99 in bulk) - Product Page


MTC-002 Mounted Tally Counter

Summary: A high quality, durable and affordable mounted tally counter for industrial businesses, transportation, scientific research, concert venues, sporting events, tourism, churches and more.

  • Sturdy steel case and steel base make this counter very durable.
  • They can be attached to machinery or any flat surface.

Price: $4.99 each (as low as $3.24 in bulk) - Product Page


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