People Counting During the Pandemic

If you’ve been out and about in the last few months, you’ve almost certainly seen capacity signs on grocery stores, classrooms, gyms, libraries, and of course, small businesses. College campus' even have capacity signs on the fields! If you’re in charge of one of these spaces, how do you keep track of how many people are coming in and out? The answer: tally counters. 

Read on for some of our personal favorites.

Best In: Price

At $5.99, the E4 Electronic Hand Counter is the most economical counter on the market. It can display up to five digits, which makes it perfect for anything from a small family restaurant to a half-capacity concert venue. If you’re just looking for a basic counter, look no further.

Best In: Performance

The E3 Electronic Counter takes tally counting to the next level - it adds and subtracts. This eliminates the need to do calculations, especially during rush hour. If you’re going to buy one, buy one quick! They sell out faster than any other counter.

Best In: Durability

The H-102 is one of the only waterproof tally counters on the market. It’s made in Japan, and the manufacturer guarantees “continuous durability tests using counters randomly extracted from running production lots.”

Best In: Sports

The Sportcount Lapcounter & Timer is the most one of a series of Sportcount counters, but unlike it's counterparts that just count laps or just act as a time, it does both! It’s perfect for any and every sport - small enough to be held while running, waterproof so it can go in the pool, and affordable enough that you can buy a whole set for your team. Plus, it makes the perfect gift for your favorite coach!

Best In: Overall

If you have the financial ability to invest in a longer-term solution, the Bi-Directional People Counter does all the heavy lifting for you. Just attach it to your door and check the display every now and then to monitor capacity - it’s almost too easy.