Revolution and Ratchet Counter


Style: RS-5 Ratcheting
Sale price$16.99


High quality, durable and affordable. Ideal counters for use on machine tools, automatic vending machines, and the like. When you mount the counters with machines, it shows the number of rotations and operates by rotating or reciprocating motion. 

  • Counters advance one count for each complete revolution of shaft
  • Maximum speed 1,000 counts per minute
  • No lubrication required
  • Adds one count for each drive shaft revolution, minus counting occurs when lever is recovered to counterclockwise.
  • White numerals on black background
  • Reset knob sets the count back to zero
  • Drive shaft is mounted on the right side

The ratchet model relies on a fixed ratcheting mechanism to count individual units, while the revolution counter uses a continuous internal wheel to count revolutions. The ratchet unit is simpler, while the revolution counter needs to be fixed to the appropriate sized wheel, depending on what the end user is measuring (distance, individual units, etc.)

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