People Counter with Wireless and Networking Capabilities


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Our TC-RF People Counter offers a reliable, easy-to-use and affordable people counting solution that integrates directly with your computer. Perfect for retailers, shopping malls, libraries, museums, or casinos trying to get accurate foot traffic counts. 

How is this unit different from the TC Wireless People CounterThis TC-RF People Counter sends real-time information about pedestrian traffic directly to your PC for analysis, making it easier to assess traffic patterns. The TC Wireless counter uses an LCD display to track counts, and does not send information to your computer.

How it Works

The transmitter unit transmits 2 infrared beams to the receiver unit. When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beams, the count value increases by one. This counter is direction sensitive, and users can choose which count direction is displayed on the screen. The simple end-user installation and maintenance of our systems eliminates technical support costs. Wireless and battery powered. 

Common Uses

  • Discover Conversion Ratios: How many sales are you getting from the foot traffic walking through your doors? Are your new merchandising efforts increasing conversions? Track trends in sales vs. traffic. 
  • Evaluate Advertising and Promotions: Find out what types of advertising work and how to make your sidewalk or storefront advertising translate into more traffic. 
  • Optimize Staffing: Evaluate your staffing needs based on data from customer counts rather than just sales.  

General Information:

  • Dimensions - 120 x 65 x 22 mm
  • Material - ABS Plastic - Black
  • Power supply - 2 x 1.5V AA
  • Power consumption - +/- 60 uA
  • Battery life - 2 years
  • Maximum Distance – 16.5 feet (5 m)
  • Maximum count value - 999999
  • Transmitting Distance Between Counter and Receiver - 100 feet (30 m) (note: with few obstructions distance will be greater)


  • PTX20-1 – Transmitter / PRX20D1 - Receiver
  • SNG10E Sensor Network Gateway (Receives the Counter's transmissions and enters them into the local network)
  • Software the charts and graphs counts by hour, day, week, month.
  • Magnet for resetting count value back to zero
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 small screws
  • 2 double-sided tape squares
  • Cleaning tissues
  • Four 1.5v AA batteries
  • Quick installation guide

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