DK-5000 Series Electronic Counters

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Style: Multiple Counters - A Series
Size: 10 Separate Counters
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Presenting the DK-5000 Series Tally Counters, a collection of meticulously designed counters, each distinguished by its unique functionality aimed at enhancing the efficiency of your production processes. Within the spectrum of the DK-5000 Series Counters, every unit is equipped with a battery, USB port, and the option for an external power source, thereby ensuring versatility in usage.

Each tally counter within this series boasts a user-friendly interface with 5, 10, and 30 input keys, facilitating a seamless and intuitive operational experience. Noteworthy is the extended battery life, with a minimum duration of 200 hours, ensuring sustained functionality and reducing the need for frequent recharging. Elevate your operational efficiency with the DK-5000 Series Tally Counters – a testament to precision engineering and practical utility.

Details of our individual DK-5000 Series Units:

DK-5000A Multiple Counters Series

  • Digital tally unit featuring 5, 10, and 30 separate counters.
  • Capable of recording both individual count values and the overall count, complete with timestamps.
  • Memory capacity allows storage of up to 250 records.
  • Enables the display and saving of recorded data on a computer.
  • Model #'s DK-5005A, DK-5010A and DK-5030A

DK-5000B Timestamp Recorder Series

  • Timestamp Recorder featuring 5, 10, and 30 input keys.
  • Data counting occurs simultaneously with timestamp recording upon pressing any input key.
  • Records can be stored in the device's memory, supported by a built-in calendar clock for accurate timestamps.
  • Model #'s DK-5005B, DK-5010B and DK-5030B

DK-5000C Multiple Counters Auto-recordable Series

  • Electronic tally unit equipped with 5, 10, and 30 independent counters and an automated recording function.
  • Individual count values, along with the total count, are automatically recorded at predetermined intervals, each accompanied by a corresponding timestamp.
  • Model #'s DK-5005C, DK-5010C and DK-5030C

DK-5000D Multiple Status Recorder Series

  • Status recorder featuring 5, 10, and 30 input keys.
  • Toggling the input status to HI or LO is recorded with a timestamp upon pressing any input key.
  • Cumulative HI and LO times for each key can be calculated and analyzed.
  • Model #'s DK-5005D, DK-5010D and DK-5030D

DK-5000E Multiple Counters w/Buzzer Series

  • Electronic tally unit comprising 5, 10, and 30 counters, accompanied by a buzzer.
  • The buzzer emits a sound upon pressing a count key and when the pre-set total count value is achieved.
  • Users can choose to either continue or disable count input after reaching the pre-set total count value.
  • Model #'s DK-5005E, DK-5010E and DK-5030E
Input Type Rubber Key
Display Type 7-Segment LCD Display
Counter (x5) : 7mm(H), Total Count : 5mm(H)
Record Number / Time Display : 3.5mm(H)
Count Display Internal : 0-99999(Display : 0-9999)
Total Count Display 0-999999
(E Series Only) Sound Input Key Operation Sound / Preset Alarm (Total Count)
Clock Function Year / Month / Day / Hour(24hour) / Minute / Second
A & E Series Memory 250 records
B, C, D Series Memory Max. key input times DK-5005 : 48,000 DK-5010 : 27,750 DK-5030 : 10,000
Data Communication USB micro-B (USB 2.0)
Power Source AAA Battery x 4 pcs. | USB Cable | AC/DC Adapter
Battery Life 200 hour min. *
Operating Temperature 0°- +50°C (non-freezing)
Storage Temperature -10°- +60°C (non-freezing)
Weight (excl. Battery)
DK-5005 Approx. 130g / DK-5010 : Approx. 185g / DK-5030 : Approx. 340g
Dimensions DK-5005 : 70 x 170 x 25mm / DK-5010 : 96 x 170 x 25mm / DK-5030 : 186 x 170 x 25mm
Compliance CE, RoHS


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