QS-1 Manual Hand Crank 1 Row Coin Sorter

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  • QS-1 Manual Hand Crank 1 Row Coin Sorter
  • QS-1 Manual Hand Crank 1 Row Coin Sorter

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The QS-1 manual coin sorter is the perfect sorter for business or personal coin sorting. This model is unique in that it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. Simply turn the hand crank and the QS-1 sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters directly into the 1 row coin tubes below. The large coin hopper holds up to 200 coins at a time.


•Sorts coins by the turn of the manual crank.  No need to find an electrical outlet or fumble around with batteries.
1 row of coin tube for each denomination. 

Precise internal sorting design ensures accurate sorting.
•Hopper holds up to 200 coins, allowing a large amount of coins to be sorted before replenishing the hopper.

Light Weight and Easy to Store

•Weighs less than 3 pounds.
•Hand Crank screws off to save space when storing. 
Front panel cover opens and closes shut.

Go Straight to Coin Wrapping and Rolling

Preformed coin wrappers conveniently slide and fit into coin tubes, for easy transition to coin wrapping and rolling.
•Plastic coin tubes are removable, making it easy to pull out coin-filled wrappers to be rolled and crimped.

One(1) Coin Tube Capacity

Coin Denomination Quantity Dollar Amount   
Pennies 50 $0.50
Nickels 40 $2.00
Dimes 50 $5.00
Quarters 40 $10.00

 Note: This product does not count coins. It does not come with Coin wrapping paper.



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