DK-5005B (5 Counters in 1 & Continuous Time Stamp Recording)

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The DK-5005B counter features all of the qualities of the DK-5005A plus more. While this counter has its own memory, it is primarily designed to be operated when connected to a computer by a USB cable (available for purchase). The DK-5005B has the unique ability to put a timestamp on every single count down to the second using the free downloadable computer software. These counts are then able to be exported to .XLS and .CSV files. 

  • The DK-5005B is an electronic counting device with five (5) independent counters. (Sometimes known as a gang counter)
  • This device can record the individual count values and the total count with a corresponding timestamp down to the second every time a button is pushed. 
  • It can save up to 250 records in its own memory and infinite amount on the computer software.
  • Recorded data is displayed and saved on the computer when the device is connected to the computer with USB cable. 
  • The saved data is editable with spreadsheet software. Real-time display of count values is enabled on the computer. Data communication software is downloadable from our website for free.
  • Perfect for Inspection process, Attendance count, Inventory check, etc.
  • Easy to use with its large soft rubber buttons that give good feedback when pushed. 
  • Counter has its own memory for use away from a computer.
  • Counter is able to subtract in case of a mistake count or when needed to count down.

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Computer Software User Manual

DK-5000 Series Communication Software for Win 7/8/8.1 Download


Input Type Rubber Key
Display Type 7-Segment LCD Display
Input (x5) : 7mm(H), Total Input : 5mm(H)
Record Number / Time Display : 3.5mm(H)
Count Display Internal : 0〜99999(Display : 0〜9999)
Total Count Display 0〜999999
Clock Function Year / Month / Day / Hour(24hour) / Minute / Second
Memory Maximum number of key inputs : 48,000 inputs
(Built-in flash memory)
Data Communication USB micro-B (USB 2.0) (not included)
Power Source AAA Battery x 4 pcs. | USB Cable | AC/DC Adapter (not included)
Battery Life 200 hour min. *
Operating Temperature 0°C〜+50°C (non-freezing)
Storage Temperature -10°C〜+60°C (non-freezing)
Weight Approx. 130g (battery & accessories not included)

*(under normal operating temperature using Alkaline type battery)

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