FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter

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  • FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter
  • FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter
  • FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter

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The Royal Sovereign FS-2D Digital Coin Sorter is a 2 row coin sorter with fast sorting speed and an LCD digital count display.  The FS-2D counts 312 coins per minute and can hold up to 400 coins at a time.  The digital display shows the dollar value of all coins sorted and the individual dollar value of each denomination.  Anti-jam technology ensures hands-free and hassle-free operation and the easy open top cover allows the manual removal of foreign objects. Ideal for homes, business, and organizations in need of a reliable coin sorting and counting solution.

Fast, Convenient, and Accurate Operation

•Counts and sorts 312 coins per minute.
2 rows of coin tubes for each denomination.  When the FS-2DBK detects a tube is full, it will stop the sorting process and prompt the user to change the tube.

Precise Internal Sorting Design for accurate and precise sorting and counting.
Removable top cover for manual removal of foreign objects such as paper clips, gum wrappers, lint, receipts, and even foreign currency.
Anti-jam technology automatically detects and clears jammed coins.
•Coin hopper holds up to 400 coins, allowing a large amount of coins to be sorted at a time before replenishing the hopper. 

Go Straight to Coin Wrapping and Rolling

Preformed coin wrappers conveniently slide and fit into coin tubes, allowing an easy transition to coin wrapping and rolling.
•Plastic coin tubes are removable, making it easy to pull out coin-filled wrappers to be rolled and crimped.

One(1) Coin Tube Capacity

Coin Denomination Quantity Dollar Amount   
Pennies 50 $0.50
Nickels 40 $2.00
Dimes 50 $5.00
Quarters 40 $10.00

Counts for You

•The digital display shows the the dollar value of each coin denomination (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) as well as the total sum of all coins counted and sorted. The value counting can make mistakes and the total value may be off by a little bit.

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