Buyer's Guide

Do you need to count something, and accuracy is important? You need a "tally counter." Tally counters come in many shapes and sizes, and can be either mechanical or electronic. The type of tally counter that’s best for you depends on a few factors:colorful-tally-counter-clickers.jpg

  1. what you’re counting
  2. where you’re doing the counting
  3. the speed at which you need to count
  4. how many things you need to count at one time

Typically tally counters are used for counting people (“clickers” used at concerts, theme parks, bars and stadiums), but can also be used for traffic analysis, pitch counts in baseball, inventory counts and scientific research. Because the uses of tally counters can be so varied, and because the marketplace is filled with so many options, we’ve put together this guide to help you pick the right counter for your situation.

Low Light Areas: Ideal for Bars, Clubs, Concerts & Shows

AST2 & AT1 Electronic Counterast2-electronic-counter.jpg

Summary: Lightweight, affordable and easy to operate, this is our best selling counter. It comes with an option for adding & subtracting, which makes it ideal for counting people coming in and out.

  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Backlight for counting in dark areas
  • Includes wrist lanyard
  • Large buttons for easy counting

Price: $13.99- website

E6 Electronic Finger Countere6-digital-finger-tally-counter.jpg

Summary: The most recent electronic counter to hit the market, it’s small enough to be worn like a ring with the strap provided and activated by the thumb. Ideal for those requiring a smaller and less obvious counter.

  • LCD backlight button for dark occasions
  • Wear on index finger and use thumb to operate
  • No sound … very quiet operation.
  • Custom colors

Price: $7.99 - website

Harsh Outdoor Environments: Ideal for Warehouses, Farms & Amusement Parks

TC Hand Tally Counter/Clickertc-hand-mechanical-clicker-tally.jpg

Summary: This counter is constructed to be tough and durable enough to take a beating, but is affordable enough that you can purchase them in bulk if you have many entrances or counting locations.

  • Exceptional quality
  • Quantity discounts
  • Rugged 4-figure hand-operated reset counter with index finger ring
  • Push button actuator “clicker” for easy operation

Price: $6.29 - $12.99(depending on volume) - website

Wet Environments: Favorite Among Fisheries Departments & Water Transportation

H-102 & H-104 Professional Model Japanese Tally Counterh104.jpg

Summary: An ultra-high quality mechanical hand tally counter (the best “clicker” on the market). Made for long life, even in wet environments.

  • Stainless steel casing (will not rust)
  • 4-digit display
  • Can be hand-held or mounted
  • Quantity discounts

Price: $16.00- $18.00(depending on volume) - website

Attendance: Ideal for Counting People Coming & Going

E5 Triple Pitch & Doorman Countere5-digital-hand-counter-tally.jpg

Summary: Our favorite counter for tasks that require keeping track of multiple counts. E.g. for doormen and bouncers who need to see how many people have entered, how many have exited, and how many are in the building currently.

  • Counts up to 9999.
  • Can track three counts at once.
  • Stores up to 59 counts in memory.
  • Add and subtract buttons, with two small dedicated displays for each.

Price: $38.99- website

Hand Held Attendance / Pitch Counterhand-held-attendance-tally-counter-pitch-counter-2.jpg

Summary: A pair of attached mechanical clickers that keeps 2 counts and can easily be held in your hand. It also can be attached to a neck lanyard.

  • Counts up to 9999 on each side
  • Keep two separate counts of any kind.
  • Add & subtract counting (red for subtract, green for add).
  • Attendance counting (left sides for adults, right side for children).

Price: $12.99 - website

E2-E3 Countere2-e3-digital-hand-counter.jpg

Summary: The smallest electronic counter on the market at .06 lbs can easy fit in hand. Used for counting people coming and going.

  • 4-digit, 0.35 inch (9mm) high, LCD display.
  • Push-button reset.
  • Powered by a AG10 1.5V button cell replaceable battery.
  • Beep sound can be turned off or on.

Price: $5.99 - website

Quiet Environments: Ideal for Libraries & Churches

E4 Electronic Hand Countere4-electric-hand-tally-counter-clicker.jpg

Summary: A durable electronic counter with the classic “clicker” design … without the loud “click.” A great choice for anyone who needs a quiet counter, but prefers the classic “clicker” design and feel.

  • 5 digit LCD display.
  • Count button is large and produces a click that is “felt” for reliable operation
  • High-impact plastic casing for durability.
  • Thumb ring

Price: $6.95 - website

DK-100 Electronic Hand Counterdk-100-electronic-counter.jpg

Summary: The DK-100 hand counter is the first modular type electronic tally counter with large LCD display. Quiet operation. Easy to use, very handy and portable.

  • Fit perfectly in your hand.
  • 4 digit LCD display.
  • Very durable and dependable
  • Includes 20” neck strap

Price: $23.99 - website

Baseball: Ideal for Keeping Pitch Counts

Electronic Pitch Counterdigital-electronic-pitch-counter.jpg

Summary: The perfect counter for keeping track of pitch counts in baseball. Includes handy wrist lanyard.

  • Set an alarm to sound when a certain pitch count (or number) is reached.
  • Keep 2 counts up to 999 each.
  • Easily switch between counts with red button.
  • Saves counts.

Price: $18.99 - website

Keeping Multiple Counts: Ideal for Labs, Inventory Control & Production

Bank Tally Counterbank-tally-counter.jpg

Summary: This counter is ideal for a variety of uses, including counting seedling trees, inventory, many types of production, planning, farming, and gardening. It is also useful within the tourism and travel industry for traffic control etc.

  • Durable 4-digit tally counter with a steel case and mounted in sets of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • Economical mounted counters, with knob reset.
  • Mountable
  • Add labels to each counter

Price: $12.99 - $205.99 - website

Blood Cell Counterblood-cell-counter.jpg

Summary: This counter is typically used for counting blood cells, but can be used for many types of research.

  • Records up to 999 for each cell key.
  • Includes totalizer that shows the sum of all keys.
  • An internal bell sounds at increments of one hundred of the total count.
  • Includes a protective case.

Price: $52.99 - $72.99 - website

DK-100 Electronic Tally Counterdk-100-bank-digital-counters.jpg

Summary: The DK-100 Series Tally Counter is a simple and unique electronic tally counter with a modular design that allows multiple units to be interlinked together. Often used for laboratory work.

  • Up to 10 units may be connected together.
  • The first modular type counter with large LCD display.
  • Each unit counts from 0 to 9999.
  • 1 Master unit controls reset for all attached counters.

Price: $38.99 - website

Attach to Equipment: Ideal for Use on Machine Tools & Vending Machines

Revolution & Ratchet Counterrevolution-ratchet-mechanical-vending-machine-counter.jpg

Summary: This “mountable” counter tallies the rotations or reciprocating motion of machines.

  • Maximum speed 1,000 counts per minute.
  • Adds one count for each drive shaft revolution, minus counting occurs when lever is recovered to counterclockwise.
  • Reset knob sets the count back to zero.

Price: $15.99 - website

TC Magnet Circuit Counter

Summary: This new counter is probably one of the most unique on the market. It counts once every time two magnetic sensors are pulled apart or pass near each other. This makes it perfect for:magnetic-circuit-counter.jpg

  • Counting how many times a door opens.
  • Counting the revolutions of a wheel.
  • Counting a sliding object.
  • Counting the movements of a lever.

Price: $29.99 - website